Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Concrete Slab or Footing Engineering up to ‘M’ Class Soil
  • Structurally Engineered Floor System ( if required )
  • Building Engineering to C2 W50
  • Building designed to Region A, B or C, Terrain Cat 2, Importance Level 2.
  • Energy Efficiency Certification
  • Job Specific Wall Panel Drawings & Manual
  • Job Specific Floor System Drawings & Manual ( if required )

Anything outside of the above specifications will be P.O.A. N.B – Time schedules will change due to engineering changes required.


The packing method of GMI Homes house kits allows easy transport by Truck or Ship. GMI deliveries Australia wide & is known for going overseas.
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Walls & Floor System Engineering

  •  Panel Construction is made easy with individual drawings for each wall. The MgO Panel-Lock system is an adults lego set.

External & Internal Walls

  • 100mm MgO Panel-Lock Wall System, cut ready to erect.      
  • External & Internal Sheet – Magnesium Oxide Board
  • Includes Top and Bottom Plate
  • 2400mm – 2700mm – 3000mm wall height

Structural Floor System (If Required)

GMI Homes developed its own Structural Floor system to provide a premium product that is easy to use & sustainable. Our preferred method of floor construction is using our MgO Panel Floor . Beams, Joists, Bearers & Posts are cut in factory to save time on site and in most cases no cutting or drilling is required on site. 

  • Posts
  • Joists at 480mm centres and posts maximum 500mm – 900mm in ground
  • Quality Structural CD ply or GMI Panel Flooring
  • Panel Flooring if requested – Joists will be at 1000mm centre.
  • Adjustable stump tops and extra length posts will be a variation to standard costs.
  • Galvanised or ZAM available
  • Engineering 
  • Floor System Manual


Roof Design – Panel Roof (Veranda only if required)

  • 75mm and 100mm EPS Panel System
  • Fascia, gutter and flashings 

Roofing – Truss Roof design only

  • Trusses , Roof and Ceiling Battens – Timber or Steel available including Tie Down Connections
  • Premium Glare Shield Insulation’s or ceiling batts depending on energy efficiency.

Roof Design – Roof, Gutter, Barges & Fascia

  • Colorbond roof, fascia, barges and gutter available in all standard Colorbond colours

Standard colorbond colours

Ceilings & Soffits – Pre Finished

  • Pre-painted PVC Ceiling Panel
  • Gyprock (Optional)
  • Fibre Cement Sheeting (Optional)


EPI1600 Panel-960


Note: Low maintenance impregnated plastic, no painting required

Ceiling Height

  • 2400mm – 2700mm – 3000mm


  • 90mm Ezy Cor lightweight colonial style (unpainted) or Gyprock


  • Timber (unpainted)

GMI Patented Cyclonic Windows or Conventional Windows 

  • Aluminium windows and sliding doors including jambs and architraves.
  • Available in Satin White, Night Sky, Evening Haze and Dune.
  • Other colours available but will be a variation to standard costs – Time schedules will need to be  checked with supplier prior to ordering
  • Grey Float Glass throughout. Obscured Toughened to bathroom areas.
  • Standard vinyl fly mesh screens to windows. (Barrier Screens or Midge Mesh will be a variation to standard costs.)
  • Form 16      

GMI Homes 190814g WindowEntrance Doors – Optional

  • Wood plastic composite Door in Powder coated aluminium Frame (2 Pac White Only )
  • Aluminium Sill to front door
  • Standard vinyl fly mesh screens, Barrier Screens or Midge Mesh to doors will be a variation to standard costs.

Exterior Doors 00Exterior Door 2

Internal Doors – Optional 

  • 2 pak White or vinyl wrap doors in Powdercoated aluminium frame.

Interior door 1Interior door 2

Laundry Door

Laundary Doors

Door Furniture

  • Satin Chrome Knob or Lever type – Privacy and Passage internal and Entrance external.

Door Furnishing 11

Wardrobes & Door Openings – Powder coated Aluminium or Timber

  • Wardrobe channel with architraves around 3 sides.
  • Excludes doors and shelving


  • Up to 1000mm wide – Wider stairs available but will be a variation to standard costs
  • Hardwood Timber treads
  • Steel stringers


  • 90 x 19 Dressed Merbau 

Steel Beams & Posts (where applicable)

  • Beams – 150 x 50maximum
  • Posts – 75 x 75 x 4mm maximum
  • Beams and Posts over these sizes will be a variation to standard costs
  • Beams spans over 4500mm will be a variation to standard cost and engineering

Miscellaneous fixings etc.

  • Screws
  • Glues
  • Fixings
  • Dampcourse
  • Sikaflex
  • Bolts
  • Touch Up Paint

GMI Homes licenses out the ability to use its building system to special individuals & business owners who meet our requirements & business principles. If your a builder or developer we would love to work with you and your projects.

The answer is Yes & No, with a collective of 70+ years in the building industry GMI Homes has many contacts. The best part is it doesn’t matter where you build we can help!, so if your from a remote location dont hesitate to fill in our enquiry form.
How long is a piece of string?.. in all seriousness our Panel type construction saves up to 50% on your build time to lock up, after that it really depends on the mutlple trades coming through afterwards.

If you are organised with your trades the build times are extremely faster then Brick, Timber or steel framed homes.