Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Concrete Slab or Footing Engineering up to ‘M’ Class Soil
  • Structurally Engineered Floor System ( if required )
  • Building Engineering to C2 W50
  • Building designed to Region A, B or C, Terrain Cat 2, Importance Level 2.
  • Energy Efficiency Certification
  • Job Specific Wall Panel Drawings & Manual
  • Job Specific Floor System Drawings & Manual ( if required )

Anything outside of the above specifications will be P.O.A. N.B – Time schedules will change due to engineering changes required.


The packing method of GMI Homes house kits allows easy transport by Truck or Ship. GMI deliveries Australia wide & is known for going overseas.
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Walls & Floor System Engineering

  •  Panel Construction is made easy with individual drawings for each wall. The MgO Panel-Lock system is an adults lego set.

External & Internal Walls

  • 100mm MgO Panel-Lock Wall System, cut ready to erect.      
  • External & Internal Sheet – Magnesium Oxide Board
  • Includes Top and Bottom Plate
  • 2400mm – 2700mm – 3000mm wall height

Structural Floor System (If Required)

GMI Homes developed its own Structural Floor system to provide a premium product that is easy to use & sustainable. Our preferred method of floor construction is using our MgO Panel Floor . Beams, Joists, Bearers & Posts are cut in factory to save time on site and in most cases no cutting or drilling is required on site. 

  • Posts
  • Joists at 480mm centres and posts maximum 500mm – 900mm in ground
  • Quality Structural CD ply or GMI Panel Flooring
  • Panel Flooring if requested – Joists will be at 1000mm centre.
  • Adjustable stump tops and extra length posts will be a variation to standard costs.
  • Galvanised or ZAM available
  • Engineering 
  • Floor System Manual


Roof Design – Panel Roof (Veranda only if required)

  • 75mm and 100mm EPS Panel System
  • Fascia, gutter and flashings 

Roofing – Truss Roof design only

  • Trusses , Roof and Ceiling Battens – Timber or Steel available including Tie Down Connections
  • Premium Glare Shield Insulation’s or ceiling batts depending on energy efficiency.

Roof Design – Roof, Gutter, Barges & Fascia

  • Colorbond roof, fascia, barges and gutter available in all standard Colorbond colours

Standard colorbond colours

Ceilings & Soffits – Pre Finished

  • Pre-painted PVC Ceiling Panel
  • Gyprock (Optional)
  • Fibre Cement Sheeting (Optional)


EPI1600 Panel-960


Note: Low maintenance impregnated plastic, no painting required

Ceiling Height

  • 2400mm – 2700mm – 3000mm


  • 90mm Ezy Cor lightweight colonial style (unpainted) or Gyprock


  • Timber (unpainted)

GMI Patented Cyclonic Windows or Conventional Windows 

  • Aluminium windows and sliding doors including jambs and architraves.
  • Available in Satin White, Night Sky, Evening Haze and Dune.
  • Other colours available but will be a variation to standard costs – Time schedules will need to be  checked with supplier prior to ordering
  • Grey Float Glass throughout. Obscured Toughened to bathroom areas.
  • Standard vinyl fly mesh screens to windows. (Barrier Screens or Midge Mesh will be a variation to standard costs.)
  • Form 16      

GMI Homes 190814g WindowEntrance Doors – Optional

  • Wood plastic composite Door in Powder coated aluminium Frame (2 Pac White Only )
  • Aluminium Sill to front door
  • Standard vinyl fly mesh screens, Barrier Screens or Midge Mesh to doors will be a variation to standard costs.

Exterior Doors 00Exterior Door 2

Internal Doors – Optional 

  • 2 pak White or vinyl wrap doors in Powdercoated aluminium frame.

Interior door 1Interior door 2

Laundry Door

Laundary Doors

Door Furniture

  • Satin Chrome Knob or Lever type – Privacy and Passage internal and Entrance external.

Door Furnishing 11

Wardrobes & Door Openings – Powder coated Aluminium or Timber

  • Wardrobe channel with architraves around 3 sides.
  • Excludes doors and shelving


  • Up to 1000mm wide – Wider stairs available but will be a variation to standard costs
  • Hardwood Timber treads
  • Steel stringers


  • 90 x 19 Dressed Merbau 

Steel Beams & Posts (where applicable)

  • Beams – 150 x 50maximum
  • Posts – 75 x 75 x 4mm maximum
  • Beams and Posts over these sizes will be a variation to standard costs
  • Beams spans over 4500mm will be a variation to standard cost and engineering

Miscellaneous fixings etc.

  • Screws
  • Glues
  • Fixings
  • Dampcourse
  • Sikaflex
  • Bolts
  • Touch Up Paint

GMI Homes licenses out the ability to use its building system to special individuals & business owners who meet our requirements & business principles. If your a builder or developer we would love to work with you and your projects.