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In preparation to launching GMI homes there was over 42 patented inclusions made to give GMI the advantage and uniqueness it needed to dominate the kit homes market here in Australia.

 GMI Homes exceeds BCA & AS standards

BCA – Building code of Australia

AS2870-2011 – Residential slabs and footings

AS3600-2009 – Concrete code

AS/NZS1170 – Structural design actions

AS4100-1996 – Steel structures

AS1562-1992 – Design and installation of sheet roof and wall cladding

AS/NZS4600 – Cold formed steel structures

AS 2047-2014 – Windows and external glazed doors in buildings

AS1288-2014 – Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation

 AS4055-2009 – Wind loading for housing

 “Tomorrows Buildings Today”

The use of EPS panels for construction in the residential and commercial industries has been perfected over the last 6 years by GMI homes. In our opinion moving into the future with this method of building is not only going to benefit home owners but it will also benefit the environment for years to come. EPS Panel is a proven construction material that is well-suited to the extremes of the Australian climate. It is a cost-effective, lightweight construction material with excellent insulation properties.


(EP) as an efficient and effective thermal insulation material can play its part in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and make a very positive contribution to the alleviation of global warming.  The consumption of fossil fuels for both domestic and industrial heating is a significant contributor to the global output of carbon dioxide.

It has been estimated that the effective application of EPS insulation could cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%. The energy used in the manufacture of EPS is recovered within six months by the energy saved in the buildings in which it is installed.  For the remainder of the life of the building, the EPS reduces its energy requirement thereby requiring the combustion of less fossil fuel which results in less CO2 being generated.  Furthermore the insulation performance of EPS does not deteriorate during its lifetime therefore the reduction in emissions lasts the full lifetime of a building.

Expanded Poly Styrene Australia – Link

Flexibility in Design

The EPS system is one of the most flexible of building materials and with GMI homes there is no design to hard or too difficult.  Special programs have been designed to allow our clients to have there requirements designed using this new form of material.

GMI Homes handle all requirements within the residential & commercial industries. With our patented programs and head office including our distributor base GMI Homes can handle all applications.

GMI Homes are to know for doing 

Affordable Kit Homes

Spec Homes

Commercial/Industrial Buildings

Residential Kit Homes

Granny Flats

Full rendered Homes

Green Homes

Full Custom Buildings

GMI has the ability to tackle all designs and requirements 



GMI Homes has a full Drafting design service that is able to handle all custom requirements. GMI can assist you to allow your dream home visions to become a reality.  With residential & commercial jobs been undertaken through out the year our drafting service works persistently with home owners and Business owners here in Australia and overseas. 

 Applications but not limited too 

Commercial Housing

Residential Housing

Multi Unit Housing

Warehouses & Workshops

Granny Flats & Studio’s

Floor systems & much more

All Structural Designs required are handled in Co-Junction with your GMI Homes Distributor. 


Our patented window design in conjunction with Advance Metal Industries has been tested and with great results show that our windows are stronger than conventional windows. 

Our special designed architrave and jamb system is pre-finished powder coated and pre cut to minimise maintenance and allow for ease of installation. 

With many different types of windows ask your distributor what our range is and if required we can handle just about any custom window that you will need.

 Windows are designed with a special patented locking system to spreads the load over the entire window allowing windows to be sold in all areas in Australia. 

GMI’s windows have all been designed to give a futuristic finished appearance which allows for a homely feel.


Pre-finished doors that are a complete system that include the door, jambs, architrave, locks and hinges, all finished to the highest quality standards. All doors and associated componentry are precision built, which means that the installation process is simplified, saving both time and money and give more value.

We offer a wide variety of compositions. Our product offering includes timber veneer, painted and PVC. This allows a high quality installation. This is a premium product for both the high end and budget conscious home owner.


Aluminium Doors Frames – have been especially designed to eliminate maintenance and painting and again allow for ease and speed of installation. The door frames are designed with pre-cut architraves which eliminates the need to cut on site this cutting down on error and giving a perfect finish.

Hinges and striker plates are pre fitted and also complete with stainless steel finish

All door frames have also been fitted with a rubber seal around the complete frame which assists in noise control, air escaping or entering the building, also at the same time eliminating dust. 

Internal Doors – are pre-painted and complete with pre-drilled lock assemblies. Doors can either be 2 pak or vinyl wrap which gives a perfect finish every time. 

External Door – All external doors supplied in conjunction with 4D hardware are rot resistant, Injected moulded wood plastic composite with pre-drilled lock assemblies. All doors are 2 pak pre-painted and pre-finshed.

4D Hardware Pty Ltd is an Australian Company based in Brisbane


An iconic Australian brand known for its durability and design flexibility.

COLORBOND® steel is an iconic brand that has become a household name in Australia. But not only is its name known in most Australian homes, it’s also used in part of the construction of most Australian homes.

When you mention COLORBOND® steel name most people automatically think roofing. And that’s right, COLORBOND® steel is used as a roofing material for so many homes. But COLORBOND® steel is also used in other applications around Australia’s homes because of its durability and design flexibility:

  • Roofing that reflects the style and needs of Australian homes
  • Durable and attractive exterior walling or an interior feature
  • Guttering that performs in all types of weather
  • Set and forget fencing that defines the great outdoors

Talk to your GMI Distributor about colours and profiles.