Lifestyle Homes

Choose from a wide range of one story homes with 8+ different facades to choose from!.

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Garden Villa’s

Eco Friendly Signature granny flats specially designed for energy efficiency & low maintenance!.

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Your Design

GMI Distributors work with you to create your Dream home your way!.

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“Our vision is to provide the safest and most sustainable homes in the world at affordable prices”The Team

Core Benefits

Cyclone Rated

GMI Homes provides all homes rated to C2 standard with engineering to C4 conditions.


Sound proofing between walls is extremely high, sleeping in a GMI Home has never been so quite.

Fire Rated

GMI’s MgO Panel-Lock system uses A1-Rated fibre sheeting for all walls providing a safer home.


Affordable housing has never had a System like the MgO Panel-Lock system learn more.


GMI Homes uses the latest technology available in Sustainable Eco Friendly Products everywhere possible giving all homes a much greener foot print.

Modular Houses for Sale Across Australia

Our mission statement? Through our range of affordable prefab homes, GMI aim to transform the residential landscape of Australia, adding an increased focus on environmentally sustainable products and technology.

We specialise in the design and construction of affordable prefab homes across the Australian East Coast, offering a broad range of applications across the residential and commercial sectors. We supply bulk modular houses and mining accommodation, constructing cheap kit homes in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales – well priced, wholly durable and quick to construct, these Australian kit homes are set to revolutionise the housing market as we know it.

Why GMI Homes is an alternative?

Housing is becoming less and less affordable – the boom in property prices has left many worried about the financial security of themselves and their family. Plus, many older buildings were not built with the environment in mind, meaning that bills can skyrocket when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Homeowners are now looking for more sustainable and affordable housing options: cue then, cheap kit homes from GMI. Work with our highly experienced team to design and build your ideal home: we are able to adapt the design to suit your needs and lifestyle, offering a range of floor and wall plans at a very reasonable price.


The material is renewable and friendly to the environment – a guilt free alternative to traditional housing materials. As an efficient thermal insulator, EP significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions – effective installation has the potential to reduce this by up to 50% and all energy used in its construction is saved within six months of its construction. What’s more, the insulation performance does not reduce over time. GMI kit homes are reliable, sustainable and cost effective – no wonder we’re trusted across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

Suited to extreme temperatures that often befall Australian regions

Insect and noise resistant

Flexibility in design

Lifetime insulation

Low weight and maintenance

Recyclable and reusable

Impervious to water vapour, vermin, rot and compression